The journey of Identity Coach began with hands analysis and discovering my life purpose

Welcome, I love learning and sharing information about hands analysis and life purpose feel free to visit me over at Identity Coach. It is a wonderful journey and I have to thank two ladies for opening my eyes to this amazing journey one is Luanne Simmons and the other is Pamelah Landers.

If you would like to look at an introduction of schools and the beginning of understanding the four schools in your life purpose feel free to watch this video by Luanne Simmons Introduction to Schools

I actually attended an amazing, interesting and fun-filled three days learning hands analysis in November 2013. From here my journey will continue, I welcome you to my blog which is short today, enjoy your day wherever you are.

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The jigsaw puzzle of life and how we communicate with each other.

I first posted this under my original name, and have decided to re-post this here:

What I find truly interesting through learning about hands analysis is that what you think is true and feasible turns out to be only partly correct. There are many pieces to a jigsaw puzzle and life does come under that heading. For example we learn many feasible ways to socialise and how to act in public; the difference between right and wrong and whether to listen to our elders and so on when we are young. This can be through going to church, school, community interaction, such as sporting clubs, scouts and so on.

In truth there are many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to your life lesson and your life’s purpose. By the time you are 16 weeks from gestation – yes rather early – your fingerprints are formed and so is the start of your life lesson and life purpose.

It is true, no two people have the same fingerprints and therefore no two people ‘see’ the world the same. They interact differently, they reason differently and how they understand the world in truth is found in their hands.

We think everyone is all about helping other people out – this can be so wrong until you learn how and why to set boundaries. If you happen to be in the School of Service you will feel like you are living a life of servitude.

Some people think everyone understands love and how to interact with each other for harmony – wrong until you love yourself if you are in the School of Love first you will need to identify your true feelings and allow them to emerge hence allowing genuine love to become possible.

Then we have School of Wisdom this time the objective is to stop researching Everything and jump off the fence into Action. As Richard Unger has identified ‘commitment yields freedom and fulfillment.’

Of course lastly we have School of Peace people who need to feel safe in their body and on the planet. Funnily enough all four types of schools exist in society, in our families and friends. How do we interact then? Well often badly due to greed, poor communication, inability to understand our life purpose and how we fit into this world. Once we gain an insight into our purpose and then allow ourselves to settle into our life purpose and of course become an expert/master in this process we find life is sweeter, easier and we feel more settled and can learn and understand from our earlier past mistakes.

In summary, we can glean so much information from our fingerprints and our hands. Let me know if you would like to learn more, book a personal hand reading and/or ask questions. Depending on how we choose to learn about ourselves and how we fit into the world in which we live – also depends on how circuitous [longer than the most direct way] our journey becomes. Once we learn and understand and accept our path/journey we become free and then happy. This will eventually draw us toward the concept of ‘fear release’ which I will discuss more in detail in the next posts.

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FEARS what are they?

Hi there, well I have endured much over my life as we all do.  This past 48 hours has been rather challenging mainly including the prospect of being without internet as such.

I know you are aware of internet providers especially in Australia relying on the concept of illusion.  What do I mean by this well let’s just say the two monopoly companies providing internet service also claim to be able to offer customers fast NBN internet.  Well they sure have the correct understanding of ILLUSION.  Using great advertising and offering the world and specials and all manner of ‘things’ they encourage customers – including myself – to move over to NBN fast internet.

This is an issue in my area due to the fact that the exchange has not been upgraded and now I find out needs to be ASAP.  You see currently too many homes are using the NBN and there is NO bandwidth.

Ouch; I use internet to write my blogs, to work from home as a subcontractor and also to provide coaching via SKYPE.

This situation had me thinking about life and ILLUSIONS and I decided as I know you all do as well that challenges and fears are all about managing your energy.

To accept this “managing your energy” is to find your fulfillment in life.

The story is already there – write it – get it down on the page and then chisel away at it.  Metaphorically what if you wrote your life purpose – you know you already know what it is.  If you have stated that you will write then what is stopping you?  Some people can download a book rapidly.  Others struggle with resistance based on grammar or ‘excuses’.  What if you accept and understand that we are all discussing and referring to FEAR.

Why do the ILLUSIONS of life whether they be concerning the Internet, loss of job, are we going to be liked by this group or that, do we fit in, will we be millionaires, will we make a change or an impact on this world – confuse us.  Why are we CONFUSED by ILLUSIONS?  That is the purpose of illusions to confuse us.

What if we accept that we know our life purpose.  We know our life passions, we remember what life lessons we chose to understand and just do it?

What if we accept that we know and remember how to be happy and blessed and grateful.  There is no competition.  There is no judgment.  We are enough and we will grace this earth and make our mark however small or big.  The systems are there to encourage us not to confuse us.  When society forgets their manners and integrity to compete with others that makes us sick and especially makes me sick.  I do notice jealousy and feel for those who are jealous.  I pity competitive people and am so grateful I AM ENOUGH.

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How self sabotaging behaviour can be a challenge and how to remove this behaviour

What if we accept behaviour that does not allow us to achieve our goals?  What do we do?  Hiding behind such inadequate behaviour and giving up is not really at the top of the list is it?

Our journey or our life purpose will direct us to where we are supposed to go and what we are supposed to do.  We will find challenges, stuff and incidents that test our beliefs and values.  You realise a truth is only a truth until it is proven otherwise.  I mean how do you think all the wonderful and great discoveries and inventions of the world occur.  It is by gutsy people exploring their environment and testing theories because that really is what a supposed fact is after all 🙂

I have decided to assist others and coach small groups in how to remove FEAR.  FEAR workshop how to ride the waves  If you google search you will even find my new MEETUP which I am chuffed about of course.

Once/when we learn how to increase our self esteem then we can make decisions.  Life is about CHOICE and how we progress and move through our challenges.  Risk investing in yourself and perhaps contact me for coaching (private coaching) via Skype or email.  Change your mentality from one of poverty to abundance and see how your existence changes – easily and effortlessly.

Work out what your comfort zone is and what is making you unhappy.  I bet you are capable of much much more.  Why not aim for the top of the waves instead?  I know I do.  Write a list of what you are good at and find to be easy and accept that is your niche and realise that other tasks can be outsourced.  We need you to be excellent at what you do.

Have you ever wondered why you notice a whisper in your ear – which you may choose to ignore; then something might tickle you – a feather or an imagined tickle – finally the universe will realise you are stubborn and hit you with something to really grab your attention – for instance a car accident, losing your job – something really significant that is how the universe operates.  I know from experience and yes it was the car accident routine and I am safe.

Have the courage to remove the fear and your limitations and live a life you already chose before you were born.  Again, I will explain that your life purpose is written by you and it is a soul contract one filled with lessons you need to learn to enjoy the abundance and success you deserve.

If you would like to find out some reading material I LOVE ask me and I will point you in the direction of “The Power of Beliefs” by Rik Schnabel – he happens to be referred to as the brain untrainer and I had the utmost pleasure of being trained by Rik Schnabel in NLP twice last year [Practitioner and then Masters].

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What does it mean to MOVE?



#identitycoach05 #lifecoach #handsanalysis

I have been ‘moving’ a lot in the past year.  There are many definitions of moving.  It is an awesome realisation to find out the multitude ways of moving.

I used to think ‘moving’ was referring to moving house – in a physical sense.  It can be much more though.

For example I did begin looking at a new location on the other side of town – truly believing that I needed a new location.  Then I realised I was simply trying/attempting to run away from myself.  Instead I looked at myself.  I found I liked a lot about myself, my skills, my achievements and my goals as well.

Then I looked deeper and found myself again – the creative, passionate, artistic, fun loving Michele.  I like her even more.  Whilst I was ‘moving’ I also de-cluttered my house; changed my home office – ended up putting my office in my lounge room.

Yes I am closer to my air-conditioner, near my ducted heating (it was in my other office as well).

I am now surrounded by my fabulous bookcases – yes they include books, cooking books, art books, business books and philosophical books.

One of my favorite quotes is by Descartes – “I THINK THEREFORE I AM“.

This quote helps me through the moving, the unpacking myself, the peeling back of my layers to the ME that I love.  If you see my new set up you will notice I have a love for whiteboards that I hang on my walls with the three subjects of my life – Hands Analysis/Life Coaching; Medical Transcription and Virtual Assistant concepts.

I also love cooking and creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my gorgeous dog.

In summary – ask better questions – of yourself.

Are you aware?

How is your communication?

Learn how to self coach.

Begin to ‘BE’ have sensory acquit with others.

RESPECT OTHER’S MODEL OF THE WORLD – make sure you respect your own model first.

With acceptance of self, understanding of self, finding who you are [before you became the person with restrictions and different beliefs perhaps through work, socialising, poor relationship choices and so on] you can then move to your life purpose/your passions and happiness.

Contact me for more information on how you can achieve this.

I will coach you in one session or more sessions. #identitycoach05

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Listen to what you wish for – I know I am enjoying focused action in 2015

This time last year – I would have offered dinner to someone who dropped in.  I have moved on from that person back to my ‘core’ or central person who is successful and interested in learning new ways and taking FOCUSED ACTION.

I love how when we have experienced or faced as many lessons and learnt from them that we are prepared to face we are then able to take FOCUSED ACTION.

What do I mean?

Well lots of things in fact.  I have noticed that each time I ‘BIN‘ something that no longer serves me or has energy I am not happy to own – I make room for abundance.

How long have I known this?

This is easy I have known this and practiced this for four years at least – however subconsciously I knew this for most of my life.

What changed?

I realised that with persistent refinement of how I live and where I live and with ‘KNOWING‘ I am now able to follow a process of SHIFT, MOVE, ADJUST, INCREASE IN ABUNDANCE.

What am I talking about?

This to me is so easy now.  I slowly started by reducing the ‘CRAP‘ in my garage.  The recycle bin has had a workout for the past four years especially.  I also paralleled this action with my wardrobe, my spare room and OMgoodness I even moved my ‘OFFICE‘ from my spare room into my loungeroom.  It is working easily and effortlessly.

Each time I notice something stalling – I rectify the situation by ADJUSTING, KNOWING, SHIFTING, MOVING and again I find an INCREASE IN ABUNDANCE.

If you watched MKR this evening – a cooking show in Australia where real people pretend to be chefs – a reality TV show.  The contestants said ‘we are going to smash it tonight’ – well be careful what you wish for.  The dinner was smashed for sure – the fish was overcooked, the potatoes were chucked out because they were overcooked and dry and the pastry shell was so tough it needed smashing to eat.

Get the picture? Watch what you say.

For success – know you are successful – feel the success – taste the success even.

I know I have moments lately where I have a ‘tantrum’ this is part of growth and allows ME time to work out what else needs my attention.  I found the cutlery drawer is cluttered and needs sorting – so I started on this – while I soaked my chicken drumsticks in olive oil, coriander, tiny bit of chili flakes and grated lime skin.

I knew that this would allow more success. I kid you not – within 20 minutes of this ‘thought/knowing’ a girlfriend dropped over and we had one of our CHATS – they are always awesome.  I do not offer dinner any more especially when the person states they are on their way home for dinner – instead I think / snigger to myself all the more for me.  I like being selfish and looking after myself because I KNOW I AM ENOUGH.

I do not need to please anyone any more and in reality I chose to do so.  I am happy I look after myself because I AM A HEALER TO HEALERS and I require a sanctuary from which to create abundance and share my insights with others.

Are you ready?

Keep an eye on what is happening – soon – not now but soon when I am ready to share my revelations with you.  I am WISDOM.  I am ENOUGH.  I am beyond INTELLIGENT and INTUITIVE and am loving finding myself.  Apparently it is all about the base, I beg to differ it is about introducing yourself, your inner peace, your knowledge to your LIFE PURPOSE and learning from your life lessons you create such a wonderful connection with yourself, most likely the UNIVERSE and before you know it the flow is easy and easier.  Like the famous saying ‘That’s right’.

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The difference between your LIFE PURPOSE and your LIFE LESSON

Hello, apart from wondering what is hands analysis I know you would love to know more about your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson.

There is no cure, there is no avoiding learning about and from your life lessons.

Why?  You know you have life lessons to learn more about yourself and to be re-directed to your chosen life purpose.  Here is more from Richard Unger he is a cool dude who writes really well about hands analysis, check out his book Life Prints and Life Prints Deluxe. 

Your life purpose is you at your best, your highest potential expressing itself naturally and obviously in everything you do.  Life Purpose is bigger than matching your inclinations and capabilities to the marketplace, it goes deeper than finding a set of core values to live by.

Perpendicular to Life Purpose is your Life Lesson.  By definition, your Life Lesson is your area of greatest resistance and avoidance your biggest blind spot, largest obstacle, tallest hurdle.  It is your “stuff”, your ‘old baggage’ your ‘dirt’, visible now that the corner of your rug has been lifted.  Your life lesson is your weakness exposed, your worst fear (s) about yourself fully personified.  There is no way around it.  You must consciously and continually content with your Life Lesson for your Life Purpose to flourish. [p 19 Life Prints Deluxe by Richard Unger]

In summary there is no FREE TICKET so for those reading this who love receiving a free ticket to everything and not giving back, you will repeat your life lesson many many times.  Why are you doing this to yourself?

Seems to me like you must love self abuse if you repeat your life lessons a lot.

I know you are ready to invest in yourself and by contacting me and asking me about hands analysis and/or life coaching together we can organise a solution to how you are feeling.  It is the beginning of a new year right?  I have been putting my lessons into practice thanks to #2015workbook, I have been updating my goals, setting my intentions and getting creative. [for further insights check this out ]

I have been limited to using pencils from Aldi as I am awaiting delivery of some uber awesome creative tools AKA POSCA PAINT MARKERS they are in the delivery process now.  Remember there is a lot to learn and when we have a ‘crack’ of hope or inspiration to move us towards our life purpose, Take It.

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Welcome to Identity Coach | Remove the Chaos

Welcome I am so glad you’re here and I’d like to tell you a little about what you can expect at Identity Coach.

Many secrets are found in your hands, your life purpose is one and so is your life school. Your fingerprints never change.

Michele is recently a Master Practitioner in NLP and one of her passions is to assist others work out their values and beliefs to then move forward to their life purpose easily and effortlessly.

Whilst many secrets are found in your hands —  that point you toward your life purpose — you can also use this knowledge to assist you to remove any limitations you have in your life.  My aim is to encourage a  seamless transition from your previous limitations to the new you without limitations – on purpose.  To achieve this result you need to be prepared to look at your values and beliefs and the signs in your hands | fingerprints and with this new knowledge take steps to learn from signs in your hands and achieve your goals and therefore you life purpose.

The ability to learn from your life lessons, determine your values and beliefs can provide clarity of thought and fundamentally the removal of chaos.  By chaos I am referring to self talk, inability to determine your direction in life, lack of motivation to follow your dreams and often “uncomfortable actions” such as untraining your brain to move toward a new happier and abundant lifestyle.  To find me on Pinterest the link is here Follow Michele’s board Identity Coach on Pinterest.


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